Monday, August 22, 2011

For the love of students

Past and present, I love my students. I am always a little apprehensive at the start of a new year. One never knows what each new class will be like. Even knowing who you should have, people can change a lot during a summer or with new classmates. After seeing each of my new classes and a lot of my former students I can safely say that I really do love my students.

In addition to thinking the world of my current students I have been in contact with some of my former students as well. I love to hear what my SKHS girls are up to, good, bad, and boring. I have had the chance to chat online with some recently and it bring me joy. Just a few minutes ago a graduate from the class of 2011 stopped by and talked with me for a few minutes. Tomorrow he will head off to the University of British Columbia in Canada. I feel honored that he would take a few minutes during this crazy time before his departure to talk with me. It may have been a accident as he was looking at the new gym and I just happened to be here, but I'll take what I can get.

And in other news, my birthday and birthday weekend were great. My birthday was filled with cake (homemade chocolate, homemade red velvet, and Costco sheet with a rainbow), friends, family (by proxy) and good times. My birthday was announced over the speaker system at the start of the day so students were extra nice to me (it helped that both of my senior classes got cake out of the deal). After school I was able to swim a 1/2 mile before going to Korean BBQ with the normal "meating" crew.

Friday night several of us went for dinner at Outback and then I stopped by the high school's "Night of hanging" (it was simply a new twist on Hangout Night). Saturday involved a working coffee morning with Steph at a new coffee shop in the neighborhood, watching House with the Walker's, and some serious BOC (my favorite bar) with the residents of B-12. Sunday started with church (the best start possible) and was followed by coffee, groceries, rooftop sunbathing, Burger King, the aquarium at COEX (manatees, penguins, and seals were some of my favorites), an iced chocolate, On the Boarder, and a sneak attack gift from SCUBA Poz.

All in all, it was a good 29th celebration. I can't wait to see what this year brings

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