Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter has arrived

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter here in Seoul. This weekend we had temperatures below and just above freezing. I have been enjoying the cooler weather for the most part. What has not been pleasant is zipping around on my scooter in such cool temperatures. Until I get a face shield for my mask I do not think I'll be riding much while the temperatures are so low.

As much as I enjoy the cool temperatures I was delighted to see that it will be between 65 and 80ºF while I am in Hong Kong this week. After a half day with the students and a faculty luncheon and afternoon of work, I'll be heading off to Hong Kong with a friend for a quick vacation.

I am looking forward to the time away from Seoul. All we have planned so far is a day at Hong Kong Disney, dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, shopping at the Jade Market, and seeing the harbor light show. The rest of the time should be filled with blissful relaxation.

As exciting as a long weekend in Hong Kong is, my thoughts will be with my family as they gather at the Emrich household in Tampa. I'll miss out on the good food, the gentle (and not-so gentle) picking on each other, and the general awesome family times. I'll enjoy seeing the photos and hearing Mom's account of the weekend. In return I may send some fun Disney stuff and/or crazy flavored kit-kat bars.

Before now and then I have much work to accomplish, including studying for and passing my lifeguard certification exam. So without much more of a delay I will continue to study my manual.

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